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High quality public schools are essential to a thriving city, and our future depends on the success we cultivate in today’s classrooms. Between local, state, and federal funds, we spent roughly $250 million on a little more than 12,000 students this year. The years-long trend we’ve witnessed with enrollment continuing to fall, as spending continues to increase, has not coincided with an increase in student achievement. This trend cannot and must not continue. 


However, our past need not dictate our future. We can build a stronger school system by empowering parents, focusing on students’ unique needs, and expanding opportunities for real-world skill-building. 

  • There should be zero tolerance for bullying or violence of any kind in our schools. This disruptive behavior hurts the learning environment for everyone and can lead to devastating consequences for its victims. 

  • We should focus on fundamental subjects like reading, writing, and math, skills essential for our students to succeed, both in school and in later life. And we should set the highest of standards for Manchester students. 

  • We must invest directly in our students, classrooms, and teachers, focusing on outcomes and performance. We must also eliminate structural and administrative excess. Teachers shouldn’t have to raise money, or spend their own dollars, to purchase basic materials. 

  • We should invest our resources where it is most needed. For instance, target for greater assistance those students who fell behind during COVID, those with high ACES scores, and students for whom english is not their first language and may need additional help. 

  • Promote innovative educational solutions and choices while tailoring our education system to the student. We should promote opportunities to earn credits for college while still in high school and connect with Manchester’s business community to increase access to internships and job opportunities. 

  • The best environment for a child to learn is when parents, teachers, and the student all work together. Parents should be more involved in their children’s schooling, not less.

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