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Public Safety

Our economy, social services, schools, and neighborhoods all depend on safety, order, and good behavior. Law-abiding residents are the vast majority in Manchester, and they want swift and certain punishment for criminals who routinely break the law. We must fully fund our police and first responders, back them in their daily performance of dangerous and thankless jobs, and keep gangs and violent criminals locked up and off our streets. 

  • Strong public safety will create a positive feedback loop that reverberates throughout our city. And change the narrative of Manchester beyond our borders. 

  • Present a budget that prioritizes our police department, providing it with the necessary resources to tackle these issues fully. 

  • Hire more police officers and support qualified immunity.

  • Address quality of life issues in the city that attract and exacerbate crime and disorder. The fact that our first responders are often tasked with addressing homelessness issues instead of doing the job they were trained to do hurts their ability to focus on other issues. Fully addressing this will free them to have a greater presence in our neighborhoods to build relationships and deter crime.  

  • Promote and implement strategies that attack the drivers of violent crime, like the gang and drug problems that damage our community. 

  • Take the lead on the fight for bail reform legislation in Concord while advocating for the continued incarceration of violent offenders.

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