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Our Economic Future

Our city is fortunate to have so many residents who want to get ahead by working hard and playing by the rules. We need strong economic leadership that expands opportunities across the city, listens and responds to the concerns and needs of small businesses, cuts red tape and bureaucratic bloat, and finally delivers tax relief.


  • A safe city is the foundation for a strong economy. We must address the quality-of-life issues in Manchester if we want to ensure our businesses are thriving. A healthy and safe community are vital aspects to a successful business. 

  • Ensuring that partnership relationships are cultivated between the city and business community. 

  • A business friendly city leads entrepreneurs to locate here. Our economic success should be the product of City Hall’s actions, not in spite of it. 

  • A city with strong leadership cultivates an atmosphere of customer service and a business friendly-environment. We need to hire and appoint the correct individuals who will lead our city to success. 

  • Eliminate redundant permitting costs 

  • Ensure oversight entities are communicating effectively so expectations for projects are understood and not burdensome

  • Templated expectations for projects to provide consistency and clarity for business owners 

  • Welcome our business partners to participate in the process 

  • Streamline the permitting process while reforming and reducing regulations to foster investment and growth, because time is money for all businesses. 

Support the tax cap! Low taxes are the result of low spending. Prioritize and reduce spending to finally deliver a tax cut. We should look for and eliminate any inefficient or redundant program that receives money from City Hall. For every program we fund, we should demand metrics for success and ask is this necessary? Is it working? How are we paying for it?

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